Internal structure


ASECAP has four Permanent Committees (COPERs), each dealing with one of the domains of ASECAP interest defined by the ASECAP Steering Committee:


Domain: Tolling, charging, concessions
Chair: Mr Bruno de la Fuente, SEOPAN

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Domain: Safety, security, environment, sustainability
Chair: Ms Malika Seddi, ASFA

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Domain: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) research / deployment actions
Chair: Mr Marko Jandrisits, ASFINAG

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Domain: Transport statistics / analysis
Chair: Mrs Alenka Košič, DARS

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These Committees analyse the EU transport realities taking into account the ASECAP interest and submit to the Executive Committee and Steering Committee their coordinated proposals for ASECAP action plans. For this purpose, the COPER chairs rely on a team of Vice-Chairs and have access to a pool of experts from ASECAP’s full and associate members.

Moreover, with the agreement of the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee may set up working groups, as platforms for expert discussions about specific issues of interest to the association or its members, on a long-term basis.

Executive Committee (COMEX)

The Executive Committee is composed of the President of the Association, the first and second Vice Presidents and the immediate past President, as well as the Permanent Representatives of two full members of the Association. Moreover, the Secretary General and maximum four COPER chairs also form part of the COMEX, but participate in its meetings without voting rights. With a view to decisions to be taken by the Steering Committee, the COMEX examines all actions falling within the Association’s technical and political domains of interest and decides on proposals for action plans and for the establishment and composition of committees, sub-committees, technical structures and working groups required to support the objectives of the Association.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the full and associate members of the Association, but only full members have voting rights. Disposing of the broadest powers to authorise all actions and political decisions that are not reserved to the General Assembly, the Steering Committee decides on all the political and strategic topics belonging to the domains of ASECAP interest and sets the related priorities. It also elects every year the Association’s President and Vice Presidents, as well as the two full members’ Permanent Representatives who are members of the COMEX.


The General Assembly is composed of all the members of the Association, full and associate. Supporting partners are invited to attend as observers. In addition to the competences reserved to it, the General Assembly decides on all the questions submitted by the Steering Committee in the context of the Association’s activities.

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